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Our Venues

Inspired by the underlying theme of the Explorers Festival – the Portuguese explorers of the XV century – our venues were hand-picked to portray the values of this one-week event: discovering new possibilities, throwing down barriers and test new ways of doing business.

Real-world venues for hard-core entrepreneurs.

Explorers Warm up Party powered by Lounge (Nov 5)


LOUNGE Lisboa is the trendy venue of The Explorers Festival Opening Party. Right next to the Central Station, Lounge will be hosting the Warm Up Party, for you to get into the Explorers mood. This is the opportunity to get to know the explorers team and just have a good night, starting at 10 pm.

Central Station: Explorers Toolbox + Conference (Nov 6-8)


Central Station is located in Cais do Sodré, one of the trendiest areas of the Portuguese capital with alternative spaces like Lounge Lisboa, “Pensão Amor” or Hotel LX Boutique. This part of Lisbon is undergoing rehabilitation, and is therefore the best place to organize a unique entrepreneurship event. You can easily reach Cais do Sodré by metro, train, boat or bus.


Estufa Fria: Gala Diner (Nov 8 at 20h00)

Estufa Fria of Lisbon will be the venue of our GALA DINNER, on November 8. The Estufa Fria is a green space where memorable events are often hosted, and where The Explorers Festival will celebrate a well organized entrepreneurship event.