Explorers Festival: Toolbox


What if you could in one day master the set of tools that will make your startup grow 10-15% per month? We’ve assembled the top of the top in startups tools in the format of workshops and lectures.

Build my toolbox, baby!


Need tools? We got them. For 2 days, attend workshops and demos from the top startup providers in the world.

The Explorers Toolbox will give you access to a new world of startup applications with benefits, tutorials, insights and bundle subscriptions available with the conference pass. You will be able to extract valuable insights on the startup community with a powerful BI engine running on the background. The Explorers Toolbox will gather the most important startup tool makers – including Amazon Web ServersMicrosoft, Podio, Sage, SurveyMonkey, EventbriteAutoDeskBaseCRM, Morais Leitão, GoSquared, InformaDB, WidgiLabs and many others – that will deliver workshops, keynote speeches and demos on their latest tools and trends.

It’s geared towards startup founders & co-founders, CxOs, R&D managers, developers, designers, students and those who simply want to be at the cutting edge of the newest trends on the tech and startup world.

Want a piece? Grab your ticket.


Whether you are a startup, entrepreneur or veteran of your industry, one thing is for sure: the speed at which tools appear and disappear online can sometimes be daunting.

We know that running a project, or even a business, requires the coordination of several different pieces of a puzzle. Each little piece, each system, fits snuggly together to become a structure, or as most now refer to it, as the infrastructure. Many too people start using different tools and services without fully understanding how they work and whether or not they will talk to each other. Most of the time they just don’t integrate, and you are left with far too many accounts and disjointed data.

That’s why we created Explorers Toolbox. More than an exhibition where you leave with innumerous brochures, handouts and useless gimmicks, we strive to provide you with a structured approach to building your toolbox, irrespective of whether you are a novice or trouper. So you can actually build your toolbox… baby.



More than a floor plan, you’ll have access to different routes created to reflect and maximize your specific needs, whether you are a developer, designer, business manager or accountant. You’ll also be walking round as the business cycle evolves, from idea to design to conception to reality.

Yes, it’s just like Disney World – just without the rats.

As we believe that online is an extension of offline, we will be integrating your physical experience with a virtual one, providing you online with all the information required.

For the snorkelers, who prefer to stay on the surface only to find you run out of oxygen as you dive, we’ve put together a basic program, which will give you an overview with some best practices to boot.

For the truly afflicted, the adventurous deep divers in search of the great treasures, we’ll go where few have ventured before – seriously advanced sessions that will help you unlock the very best that these tools have to offer.

However, no toolbox would be complete without an actionable plan, and we’ve got that covered too. You’ll have access to a master plan and templates that help you get up and running as soon as you get back to your desk.

In the end, you’ll have gained insights into the different tools, how they integrate, the quickest way to get up and running in a productive fashion and best of all, you’ll have all these services for free (for a limited time) as part of your investment in the Explorers Toolbox event. The rest is really up to you.

Ready to start building your toolbox? Get one of the limited tickets.

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