Headshot of Sebastião de Lancastre

Sebastião de Lancastre

Sebastião got involved for the first time with electronic payments at Unicre, where he was member of the VISA Europe board that settled the e-commerce standards. At Unicre he also developed the first CRM and several marketing and business development campaigns. In 2000 he founded two companies that he is still managing today – Easypay (payment systems) and What’s On (digital marketing agency).

His background in Systems Engineering combined with a long experience in marketing allows him to leverage his skills and develop new and innovative solutions for businesses and organisations. In 2010, Sebastião was responsible for the big data project known as Pordata (Portuguese Data Based from Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos) and also “Eu-Acredito”, a movement that gathered 11,000 youngsters to get a glimpse of Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Portugal.