Headshot of Pedro Rocha Vieira

Pedro Rocha Vieira

Pedro worked at Banco BPI, in corporate retail banking and project finance for 3 years. Then he backpacked for 9 months in South America.  Back in Portugal he was project manager for the Chapitô-Rio project (a multifunction social and cultural project).  In 2007 he co-founded the Social Innovation Program, at TESE (a Portuguese NGO). A social innovation hub with four different areas of activity: 1) strategy consultancy, 2) launchpad for social innovation projects, 3) local innovation projects, and 4) R&D related to social innovation.  In September 2009 e became a Free Agent Project Manager & Consultant in (social) innovation and entrepreneurship, later joined Quotidian as an external consultant and them Stone Soup Consulting. In December 2009 he also co-founded the Beta-i, an association for the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship. Since February 2010 he’s the Coordinator at the new Design Response Unit at Experimenta (using design to address social issues).