Headshot of Laura André-Boyet

Laura André-Boyet

Laura specialized in the Space sector, started as a Space Experiments Activities  Manager at the French Space Centre, CNES, developing , handling and supporting in real‐time the Human physiology experiments performed on the ISS. She participated in 2010 in the Basic Training of the 2009 ESA Astronaut Class as an Anatomy and Physiology Instructor and in the same year moved to Cologne to become a permanent Astronaut Instructor and a Simulation Director at the European Astronaut Centre.

Talk – PASI: Professional Association of Space Instructors

What comes at the intersection of Space, Physiology, Engineering and Business? Space Tourism is today representing an immense challenge at many different levels. One of those is keeping the passengers healthy during and after their flight. This is crucial to secure the activity and to allow the rise of further ones stemming from it. Providing standards for selection and training of the passengers became obvious but not that trivial to implement