Headshot of Frederico Lacerda

Frederico Lacerda

Frederico is one of the founders of 21212, an accelerator of digital businesses based in Rio de Janeiro and NYC. He became an entrepreneur and business consultant and then confounded 21212 to develop the local ecosystem and explore the exploding digital market in Brazil. He is also a frequent speaker, mentor and judge at several events in Brazil and in the US (Endeavor CEO Summit, LAVCA Summit, Startup Weekend, among others), expanding 21212’s support of entrepreneurship locally and globally.


Talk – Bridging Countries and Empowering Entrepreneurship

As a cofounder of 21212, Frederico has built up one of the most interesting accelerator concepts that links Brazilian startups with the US and vice-versa. What could be learned from the experience of bridging different countries and empowering entrepreneurship?