Headshot of Eran Ben-Shushan

Eran Ben-Shushan

Bizzabo, which Eran co-founded in 2011, helps event goers meet, mingle and connect with others, while providing event organizers with a simple self service platform to mobilize and socialize their events like never before. Under Eran’s leadership and in just a little over a year, Bizzabo raised a 1.5 million dollars seed round, socialized hundreds of high-profile events, and won several respectful awards (most promising Israeli startup for 2012 among others).

Talk – Leadership Lessons from the Military

Eran started his career as a major officer of the IDF Air Force where he learned important life lessons that he took to his entrepreneurial activities. As the CEO of one of the leading mobile platforms for event goers, he will share his learning and insights.