Headshot of Bjoern Lasse Herrmann

Bjoern Lasse Herrmann

Bjoern was born in Germany and has become a recognized entrepreneur and expert on data products, data driven decision-making, education, innovation, entrepreneurship and organizational development. He founded and led 5 for and nonprofit ventures in Germany, Bangladesh & the US. In his free time, he is a speaker at various conferences (e.g Strata & Hadoop World, Pioneers Festival, Int. Startup Festival) and universities (e.g. Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, SU).

Talk – Data Driven Startup Ecosytems

Bjoern is an expert on data driven decision making and data services. He’s the founder of Compass – a company on a mission of transforming the world of business from gut to data driven. In his talk he will share the insights of what builds up a relevant startup ecosystem.