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About the Explorers Festival



We are Explorers Festival divided into 3 sub events: Explorers Bootcamp; (an intensive training weekend to enhance  leadership skills for explorers) Explorers Toolbox; (top of the top in startups tools in the format of workshops) Explorers Conference. (startups, developers, designers, innovators, investors, scientists and the curious coming together).



At Explorers Festival you will be able to meet and hear from extreme sports athletes to astronauts, along with the best down-to-earth explorers! Become part of the movers&shakers of the 21st century and get ready for a life-changing experience!



It’s the biggest entrepreneurship event in Portugal in 2013 and one of the biggest in Europe. We want to fulfill all entrepreneurs’ needs, be able to give you a complete experience. We believe that knowledge is acquired by cultural interaction, by sharing techniques, learning from diversity and exchanging experiences. We want to gather those who once sailed the ocean with those who are ready to come on board, and cross the boundaries of human imagination again!