Explorers Festival: Conference

Bored of the traditional conference scene? So are we.

500 years ago, the Portuguese set out on a journey to test their limits, conquer the seas and explore a new world. In 2013, we do it again. On November 8, the new Explorers – startups, developers, designers, innovators, investors, scientists and the curious – come together across the seven seas for 10 hours of hands-on discoveries designed to blow your mind.


The Explorers Conference is an inspirational event that gathers top-notch speakers from the 4 corners of the world who are flying to Lisbon to celebrate the hottest startup trends, cool gimmicks and latest innovations in the tech arena.

A mix of  disruptive and ground-breaking thinkers, our speakers will explore themes such as Space Startups, Product Management, Service Design, Design Thinking, European Host Spots (Berlin, London, Tel Aviv), How to build a Startup, Expanding the Startup Ecosystem, Europe-Brazil Business Opportunities, DIY Culture, International Startups, Investment Opportunities, Portugal Startup Ecosystem, Academia Wake up for the Startup Life, and many more.

Plus, you will connect the the Lisbon Challengers: the 10 finalists who survived the Lisbon Challenge, a 4-month accelerator competition, running against 65 startups from all over the world for investment, real-world advice and a highway to internationalization.


More and more people talk about entrepreneurship. It is also becoming widely common to see courses on this topic. With a growing unemployment rate in the Western world, we are witnessing one of the biggest booms in the number of startups opening every single year.

But how do entrepreneurs really get the tools, attitude and perseverance they need to survive in this aggressive, competitive economy? The Explorers Festival – and, in particular, the Explorers Conference – was fully designed to be a hands-on-and-let’s-get-dirty event so current and future entrepreneurs have the critical skills and paraphernalia to thrive.

Ready to start playing in the mud? Grab your ticket.



If you’re looking for something more rough, check out the Explorers Bootcamp. Or, just build your toolbox… baby.