Explorers Festival: Bootcamp


The Explorers Bootcamp presents a strong and ambitious concept in the literal and inspirational dimension. It takes us to the physicality of search, of going beyond our  geographic and personal limits, of winning barriers, but simultaneously to the exploration of human potential in an evolutionary and transcendental aspect. These are the assumptions that bring forward all the event concept and is based on them that we thrill.




The Explorers Bootcamp is an intensive training weekend for Explorers: those who want to exceed themselves and enhance their leadership skills, and for entrepreneurs who want to test their limits and management abilities.

Led by the Portuguese Navy Marine Corps, participants will roll up the sleeves and get their hands-dirty at several workshops on soft skills development, advanced people skills and negotiation tasks. You will command how to handle stress, deal with difficult people, master negotiations, and more.

The Explorers Bootcamp will also include field exercises (safe and physically accessible). Anyone who does jogging will be able to attend, although get ready to get dirty, tired, rough and fully motivated!!


The main purpose of the Explorers Bootcamp is to promote behavioral and attitudinal change of the trainees, in order to improve your motivational and leadership skills. These are essential competences for entrepreneurial and corporate success.


What’s so special about this Program?

This program is targeted to every person. It is already known for being part of the curricula of premium institutions such as ISCTE Executive MBA, BPI, Lusófona, and Football Club Os Belenenses and is now available to selected attendees.

The IPG04 leadership courses promoted by the Portuguese Navy are inspired on a equivalent course by the Royal Navy (Britain’s Maritime Armed Force) and this course should not be confused with a simple obstacle course. The Explorers Bootcamp ticket also includes a Liability Insurance *.

What should I wear for the Explorers Bootcamp?

You should bring your own clothes only for sleeping and for the day we’re going/ coming back from the Portuguese Navy basecamp (located at Vale do Zebro, Barreiro). All garment for the Bootcamp activities will be provided by the Marines. For this reason on the registration form we ask your  European size (shirt, trousers and shoes).

What time is the departure and where should we meet?

The first day of Bootcamp is at Central Station and you don’t need to bring anything because it is debriefing conference with inspirational speakers and a debate panel over leadership matters with leading CEOs.

On Saturday (2nd Nov) we leave to the Navy’s basecamp at Vale de Zebro, Barreiro (06:45am). Check out our Agenda for any last minute change.

What about the meals over the weekend?

On Saturday and Sunday, all meals and snack breaks will be provided. We need to know if you have any diet restrictions.

Would I be certified of my participation at the Bootcamp?

Yes, you’ll receive a certificate at the end of the weekend, that establishes the that you successfully completed the Portuguese Navy IPG04 (NATO) training course, which is a certified training of 14 hours of field instruction.

Do I need to bring anything for the weekend at Vale do Zebro?

Yes, you’ll need to bring your swimming shorts since there will be swimming pool exercises. Otherwise we will provide you all the necessary equipment and garments, as well as a military survival kit.

What about transportation and accommodation?

Explorers Bootcamp tickets includes the transportation from Central Station (Cais do Sodré) to Vale do Zebro (near Barreiro) and the back trip to Lisboa. It’s a 30 minute journey by BUS, The Marines barracks but be prepared to “sleep” as a real soldier.


The Explorers Bootcamp is not for the faint of heart. It’s for startup founders and CXOs who want to enhance their leadership skills, and have a simple hard-core concept: the first marine corps leadership course for entrepreneurs.


To get the opportunity to really test your limits and leadership style, there’s only one thing to do:

Get your ticket now!

**** Special discounts for groups available. Email us at hello@explorersfestival.com ****

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