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Partnering with Startup Weekend Glasgow

Happy days!

We’re dropping a line to quickly let you know that we closed our second partnership with a Startup Weekend in Europe. After touching down in Oslo two weeks ago, we have now shook hands with Startup Weekend Glasgow (SWG). As a result, the award for ‘Most technically innovative’ team at SWG 2013 will be sponsored by us. Each member of the winning team gets a free pass to Explorers Toolbox and Explorers Conference taking place 6-8 November. It’s a great chance for those making their first steps in the startup world to meet with seasoned professionals who can help shape ideas and give directions. Additionally, with the help of The Portugueser, we can also offer access to great deals for accommodation in Lisbon.

The team behind the SWG picked Sustainability and Cleantech as theme for this edition of the weekend long competition. So, starting on 25 October, Friday, one hundred hardware and software hackers, designers and industry experts will be gathering at SocietyM in Glasgow for a 54 hour frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing and market validation. Anyone with an interest in startups, sustainability and technology is invited to sign up and flex their entrepreneurial skills and make some new friends.

We’re looking forward to welcome the tech savvy boys and girls from SWG.


The Perks of Being an Explorer: 10 reasons why you should not miss Explorers Festival

Here is a list of the 10 things you don’t wanna miss out on this November.

1. Meet this year’s hottest startups.
One of the highlights of the Explorers Festival is The Investors Day on Nov 8th, which aims to match high-profile investors with some of the hottest startups on a global scale.

2. Learn how to handle zero gravity.
The Explorers Festival conference will feature a talk by astronaut Jean-François Clervoy, veteran of three NASA Space Shuttle missions and Lufthansa Flight Training coach Laura André-Boyet. They will take you on a mental trip through space and time and reveal some insight of the life of a space explorer.

3. Network with great minds.
The Explorers Festival team has selected an extraordinary bunch of conference & toolbox speakers especially for you. You will meet face-to-face with nuclear scientists, astronauts, successful entrepreneurs, digital hippies,and tech fashionistas.

4. Discover beautiful Lisbon.
Lisboa is the perfect city for an explorer. A 20-minute train ride from the city center will take you away to a surfers’ paradise of golden sand beaches. No wonder that one of the highlight of the Explorers Festival Conference is Garrett Mcnamara– world’s number 1 professional big wave surfer and extreme waterman known for breaking the world record for largest wave ever surfed, surviving a monstrous wave at Jaws, and riding tidal waves from calving glaciers in Alaska.

5. Challenge yourself.
The Explorers Festival is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and go beyond the edge. It’s a safe environment to experiment with your own boundaries and limitations and discover amazing new horizons to explore.

6. Build a winner startup team.
You will have the opportunity to network with star investors, IT geeks, business gurus and marketing experts. Don’t miss the chance to build a highly motivated team of experts.

7. Get the tools  you need to rock the startup stage.
One of the main components of our one-week show is the Explorers Toolbox – 6th and 7th of November. Toolbox will give you access to a new world of startup applications, tutorials,and insights by offering a list of workshop world’s leading toolmakers – including Amazon Web Servers, Microsoft, Podio, Sage, SurveyMonkey, Eventbrite, AutoDesk, BaseCRM, Morais Leitão, GoSquared, InformaDB, WidgiLabs.

8. See crazy art performances.
Exhibitions, extreme sport performances, DJ sets…be ready for surprises. To get a snapshot of what the art scene of the Explorers Festival will be like have a look at our promo video featuring some crazy parkour around Lisbon.

9. Explore the portuguese cuisine.
Don’t forget that your exploration mission is not limited only to sophisticated intellectual activities. One of the main components of our value proposition is the Startup Canteen. You are kindly suggested to plan a workout session for the week following the Explorers Festival in advance.

10. Meet like-minded craziness.
Come and meet inspired and motivated individuals like you that want to make change.

Just come and join us.
Be an explorer!

Today’s Featured Speaker: Bjoern Lasse Herrmann. The Enlightened Entrepreneur.

Bjoern Lasse Herrmann is a visionary, a bold and critical individual that helps startups avoid breakneck mistakes and achieve sustainable growth. As a co-founder of, Bjoern strives to transform the business world from gut to data driven and empower entrepreneurs to make credible decisions based on facts and numbers.

We are going through something that is called the big shift, an Entrepreneurial Enlightenment that we see currently globally happening. There is a huge amount of startups popping up in places that we have never imagined.
We see that this explosion of entrepreneurship has an incredible impact on our economy- the vast majority of rejuvenation of economic and job growth comes from highly skilled startups, most of them being high-growth software companies. We also see that even though the vast majorities of these companies generate most of the job openings, there is an incredible startup failure rate. Most of the startup companies that we see taking off today are not even going to survive the next few years. That is what inspired us to create

We are happy to host Bjoern as a speaker on the Explorers Festival– one of Europe’s biggest events on entrepreneurship. Get your Explorers Festival Pass today and join us on this great journey beyond the edge!

Explorer of The Day: Mariana

Explorer of The Day is a series of short interviews featuring the organizers of the Explorers Festival. Have a look at our brief talk with Explorer Festival’s Content Manager – Mariana Vieira.

Get your pass until midnight to make use of the Early-Bird discount. See you in November!

Today’s Featured Speaker: Jean-François Clervoy. The Space Explorer.

Jean-François Clervoy’s talk is surely one of the highlights of the Explorers Festival.

The 54-year old CNES and ESA astronaut, was a veteran of three NASA Space Shuttle missions. Jean-François flew twice on the Space Shuttle Atlantis and once on Discovery, spending a total of 675 hours in space.

What really makes this guy special, aside of his hard-core physical and technological training, is the charisma of a storyteller.

For years, space agencies such as ESA and NASA have cultivated the image of an efficient organization, focused on technology and distant from the general public. Jean-François Clervoy is among the first to show another side of space exploration, making us remember that astronauts are first of all courageous men and women, bold explorers of the universe. Together with a close friend of his-Philippe Gaillochet, Jean-François wrote a book Histoire(s) D’espace telling the story of space from a human angle.

When I went in NASA in ‘92 in the very first week we had a 1-day retreat in Houston, when an old man came to talk to us. There was just us, 24 new NASA astronauts and that old men. He warned us to expect to cry in space as we look back to earth from the shuttle. I thought that was really great- that an astronaut can get so personal and reveal a part of his soul to prepare us for very strong emotions. If you don’t yield that kind of emotions on a spaceflight, then I think you are missing out on something really big.

To hear more about the story of space exploration and the exiting personal narrative behind it, join us at the Explorers Festival– a unique event celebrating entrepreneurship and human potential.

Get your Explorers Festival Pass today and enjoy the Early Bird discount!

Today’s Featured Speaker: Linda Franco. The Tech-Fashionista.

Linda has two passions – fashion and technology.  She was inspired by the idea to integrate the functionality of those two disciplines in a catchy way. The result was MACHINA– a company that creates funky-style products that seamlessly fuse technology and fashion into one.

As fashion writer Bradley Quinn observes, “Technology has always been the essence of fashion…The fast-paced progress of technology complements fashion’s ever-evolving aesthetic, and each gives the other a wider frame of reference and more scope to explore new horizons.”

The issue with this playful interaction is that wearable technology is mostly made from engineer’s perspective and  lacks the creative touch of the designer’s perspective. This often makes the clothing bulky, uncomfortable.

What Linda tries to do instead is to shift the perspective to a designer-centered process. MACHINA’s products are wearable, fashionable, functional and adaptable at once! One example is the recently developed MJ v1.0, the first jacket that allows you to create music pieces through touch sensors tracking every move of your body.

To learn more about the future of techno-fashion and hear Linda’s story of developing a successful startup company join us for one of the biggest event on entrepreneurship- The Explorers Festival!

Get your Explorers Festival Pass now and enjoy the Early Bird discount!


Somewhere guides you @ Explores Festival

Duncan Gough

There is always some place that we want go and most of the time we have no idea which direction we should take. Explorers Festival wants to help you to find out your path with great toolboxers.

Duncan Gough, co-founder of Somewhere, in Berlin, will show you a new-wave approach regarding the future of work environment. This is not is first experience in start-up world. As a traveller and entrepreneur, he has a lot of stories and practices to share with you during the Toolbox experience.

It doesn’t matter where you are, come and join us in the greatest entrepreneurship experience in Europe. Hurry up and grab your place before tickets get sold out!

Today’s Featured Speaker: Chief Revolutionary Officer Ali Jelveh

A startup is like a tiny social revolution in its own way. It can change the way people act, think and interact. The social impact that web 2.0 business can have on individuals and society is precisely what inspired Ali Jelveh to co-found Protonet. Protonet’s is a company with a clear mission- to break the paradigms of how Internet works today and transform this centralized system to a state of distributed infrastructure with independent users. To this mean the Hamburg based startup is launching world’s first private cloud server with built-in social network- the Protonet Box.

As funky and hip as it may seem, the little orange box is actually a complicated server system with wireless capability a built-in team collaboration software. The Protonet Box is a perfect solution for people who like the cloud but don’t want to put their data out there.

Ali Jelveh explains that as IT-centered and high tech the product may seem the motives and inspiration behind it are simple- to give people a choice.

“Each one of us is a small piece of social infrastructure. And no one can take that away from us. I connect to you, you connect yo me without us having to know the technology behind it. It creates something that is ours. The fact that this things can be taken away from you really shaped me. I want to create something that prevents that from happening and gives me a choice,” says Ali.

We are proud to host Ali as an inspirational speaker at the Explorers Festival conference on the 8th of November. Join us to hear his story and explore into how the web 2.0 revolution transforms the social fabrics of our lives.

Todays featured speaker: Axelle Tessandier or why digital hippies matter

Contrary to common sense digital hippies are not online rastafari communities. They are not freedom fighters or environmental activists. Digital hippies are thinkers, doers, investigators and facilitators, They are advocates of the age of “meaning” where businesses revolve not only around profit-maximization but try to have a positive and meaningful impact on society.

Axelle Tessandier is a digital hippie, a photographer, a journalist, a bold thinker, and a creative consultant. She believes in the digital age and has chosen to nurture this chaotic, transformational environment by helping out startups to tell a story, to find and communicate a meaning in their project. We are privileged to host Axelle as an inspirational speaker during the Explorers Festival conference on the 8th of November.

Join us to hear her story, share yours and to learn more about how your digital footprint can transform society for the better.