The Future of Cloud is Distributed, Toolbox Workshop by Ali Jelveh

What do sewage systems and cloud computing have in common?

Their future is shaped by the same paradigms of decentralized storage systems. Scientific and economic progress has always worked in cycles. If we have to describe cycles in IT, a generic scheme would look somewhat like this: Mainframe Personal Computing, or simply Centralized-Personal. Following the simple rule of centralization-personalization, we can predict that the cloud computing trend will be followed by a trend in personalized data storage systems.

That is precisely what Ali Jelveh, founder of Protonet-world’s first private cloud server with built-in social network, discussed in his workshop at the Explorers Festival Toolbox on November 6th. Ali gave numerous examples of the personalization trend across industries, continents and galaxies, the most fascinating example being a project to launch the first crowd-funded rocket in space. One of the takeaways of Ali’s talk at the Explorers Festival was that the new trajectories of the entrepreneurial mind will not be high-tech hard&software toys but cosmic explorations.

Here is a short video with excerpts from Ali’s workshop.