People behind the scenes


Behind the festival there are always people who are making it happen.

Ariane (24) is working in communication. She was born in Mozambique to Indian parents and she lives in Portugal.

Matej (43) is helping in promotion and blogging. He was working for banks in Slovenia then he took off to explore Africa and Europe on his motorbike.

Petko (23) is working in marketing. He was born in Bulgaria, studied in UK and is moving to work in Dubai.

Cynthia is experienced professional from New York. She was born in Peru, South America. She is one of currators.

Mariana is working in public relations. She is from Portugal. She studied PR in Brussels, Belgium.

Kalina is working with media and communications. She was born in Bulgaria. She studied economics and management in Milano. She is doing postgrade in Lisbon, Portugal.

Matilde (21) is from Portugal. She studied graphic design and is helping to design graphics also for Explorers.

Brimet (29) is architect from Lisbon. He was born in Sao Tome and Principe. He designed famous octaedros de cartaõ for Explorers festival. He works here for 6 months.

Natacha (24) is from Portugal and has been working for Explorers festival since March 2013. She is studying post degree of leadership and organizational communication.

There is almost one hundred people on the project. Everybody is contributing.